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Freelance translator/reviser

Profile in brief…

I am a native English speaker living in France since 1989.

I have been providing publication-quality translations for public institutions, foundations, NGOs, research centers, private companies, and individuals for over 25 years.

 Services provided…

 French-English translation

My professional focus is on translation in the cross-cutting sectors of international development, humanitarian relief, climate change, environment, agriculture, health programs, corporate social responsibility, urban issues, etc. I also have experience translating in cultural fields (design, cinema, dance, etc.), the social sciences, and marketing.

 Japanese-English translation

In this language combination, I specialize in market research translation (reports, questionnaires, open-ended answers, verbatims). Prior to launching out as a translator, I worked in Japan for a market research firm and a marketing consultancy.

 Revising and proofreading

This service consists of:

  • checking translations for inaccuracies and omissions, making the appropriate corrections, and improving readability;
  • correcting the grammar, spelling, and punctuation of texts written directly in English (usually by non-native speakers), as well as revising the style;
  • proofreading, which can be defined as the final stage of checking an already revised text or translation, before official submission or publication.

Recent major revision projects: a 150-page publication on development evaluation, reports intended for the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Agriculture and Rural Development, a monthly newsletter on the wine and spirits market in Japan, and others.

My approach to translation…

Each project is unique, so to provide a translation that best meets your needs, I consult with you to find out your objectives and the target readership for the document. This information will aid me in determining the price estimate. Indeed, a translation intended for publication requires more input than an in-house document, as it must be not only accurate, but also crafted into a style adapted to its readers, and validated for printing.

I am extremely attentive to detail, and I often identify passages in the source document that contain inaccuracies or ambiguities. My clients appreciate this proactive approach and view it as added value on top of the translations, which are of course rendered into impeccable English and delivered on time.

For any online or paper publication, I highly recommend extra proofreading of the translation by a colleague. (I work with an informal network of several other senior translators for mutual proofreading.)


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As a member of the Société française des traducteurs, France’s union of professional translators, I follow its code of professional conduct.


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